Secondary Containment: Corrosion Resistant Precured Linings

MARSEAL Secondary Containment

The MARSEAL® product line was established by the Martin Rubber Company, formerly known as MRC, and has been used in secondary containment applications since 1974.

These linings are flexible sheet membranes that provide superior protection should your primary containment fail. Flexible rubber linings that adhere to concrete surfaces to create a secure, seamless bathtub. Compared to traditional liquid applied coatings, these linings will not crack when concrete cracks or moves and is virtually unaffected by UV radiation therefore requiring little to no ongoing maintenance.

Available with a rubberized adhesive backing or without the adhesive backing, loose-laid over earthen dikes.

Please contact Blair's technical staff for a lining recommendation based on your specific application. MARSEAL®, formerly manufactured by Martin Rubber Company, is a product line of the Blair Rubber Company.

Our secondary containment lining membranes provide superior protection of concrete surfaces and are available in a range of thicknesses from 50 to 90 mil and formulations for a variety of applications from mild to concentrated acids, caustics, hydrocarbons and aromatic solvents. Available with or without a fully-adhered rubberized adhesive backing and are shipped on a roll.

A full line of components to compliment our membranes. We offer sealing strips, premolded collars and corners, yellow walkway, recover and protection board, and termination bar.

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Installation Tools for Marseal: Welding, Rolling, Measuring, & Cutting.