Rubber Tank Linings for Steel Mills

Don’t run the risk of your equipment rusting or deteriorating from chemical exposure. Steel is a strong metal but is highly susceptible to acid and elemental attack. From storage tanks to pickle lines, you need quality, corrosion-resistant rubber tank linings designed specifically for your service conditions.

Blair Rubber Co. is constantly striving to meet the changing demands of the industry by evolving our products and creating innovative elastomeric linings that serve many facets of steel industry.

Rubber Linings for Chemical Storage and Pickle Lines

Why Choose Blair Rubber for Your Steel Mill Tank Linings?

Blair Rubber is the only U.S.-based manufacturer with a complete line of corrosion-resistant rubber linings and conveyor belt splice products. Blair Rubber has an international network of distributors and applicators ready to serve your needs in the following countries: USA, Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Venezuela, Israel, Mexico, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia.

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