Tank Lining | Seminars by Blair Rubber

Each year, the staff of Blair Rubber Company hosts two informational seminars featuring tank lining selection, application procedures, curing methods, repair methods, and the inspection process.

As of 3/17/20, Tank Lining seminars are on hold, indefinitely. We hope to resume seminars in the near future, once health concerns are abated.

Our team of qualified experts lead the full-day presentation and company tour. The facility tour takes attendees through our process of converting raw materials into finished product. Tour stops include: compounding, mixing, calendering, packaging & storage, shipping, and quality assurance .

Ample time is allotted for an open forum discussion where our technical staff will field your questions.

Past attendees have included chemical manufactures, haulers, trailer and rail car leasers, plant engineers, and rubber applicators. If you utilize rubber linings in your process or install rubber linings, you will find this seminar highly informative.

The seminar starts at 8:30 am so please plan to arrive the day before. For your convenience, Blair will provide lodging to all attendees for the evening prior to and the evening of the seminar. Space is limited so please complete the form below or contact Julia Madigan at 800-321-5583 to reserve your seat(s).

On-site seminars are also available!

Tank Lining Topics Covered:

  • The history of rubber
  • Material Selection
  • Chemistry & Physics of Rubber Linings
  • Specification
  • Application
  • Curing
  • Inspections
  • Industry Examples
  • Care & Maintenance

Dave Jentzsch, General Manager: Dave brings more than 35 years of expertise in the rubber lining business to Blair Rubber Co.

Gregg Reinmann, Plant Manager: Gregg has more than 35 years of experience in the rubber industry. He is responsible for quality systems and managers plant operations.

Roy Eikelberry, Assistant Plant Manager: Roy has more than 40 years of experience in the rubber industry, which is invaluable when working with all members of our team.

Danny Lee, National Sales Manager: Danny has more than 30 years of experience with rubber linings and is a field application specialist.

Tom Bogart, International Sales Manager: Tom’s international sales experience has helped Blair Rubber Co. expand its business further into North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Ian Isenegger, Field Engineering Manager: Ian has extensive shop, field lining management, and lining sales experience.

Mike Parsons, Technical Manager: Mike has over 30 years of experience in rubber development and processing. He is our lead reviewer to match service conditions with our products.

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