Rubber Lining Material for Water Treatment Tanks

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Rubber, corrosion resistant linings are imperative to protect storage tanks in the water treatment industry. Our rubber lining material protects water treatment equipment from corrosive chemicals, as well as the water itself.

Water treatment equipment manufacturers are designing the most comprehensive water treatment and fluid processing equipment for various water purification industries.

Rubber Lining Material

Just like water treatment specialization, Blair Rubber Company has progressed through the years with elastomeric linings specially designed to handle the resins and chemicals utilized in water and waste water treatment.

Water and waste water treatment units, include: pressure filters, ion exchange/deionization vessels and condensate polishers.

Nuclear Power Water Treatment

Blair Rubber also specializes in designing rubber compounds for nuclear power water treatment applications. Nuclear facilities require sulfites to be at absolute minimum levels. To maintain these low levels when using semi-hard rubber linings in demineralizing water treatment units, the lining must be pressure cured. This can be accomplished by the use of an autoclave or by using the rubber lined vessel as its own autoclave.

Types of Rubber Lining Material that Works Well in Water Treatment Equipment

Why choose Blair Rubber for your water treatment rubber tank linings?

Blair Rubber is the only U.S.-based manufacturer with a complete line of corrosion resistant linings and conveyor belt splice products. Blair Rubber has an international network of distributors and applicators ready to serve your water treatment industry needs in the following countries: USA, Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Venezuela, Israel, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, and Saudi Arabia.

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