Rubber Linings and Conveyor Belt Splicer Materials for Mining

Service conditions in the mining industry are highly aggressive. An arduous environment creates a lot of industry demand. Mine operators have to pay the price if they don’t properly protect their gear from wear and tear on piping, chutes and other equipment.

To service the mining market, Blair Rubber Co. specializes in designing durable rubber tank linings. Just like the technological advancements to mining equipment, Blair Rubber Co. continues to innovate corrosion-resistant rubber tank linings for the mining industry. Applicators can avoid expensive repairs and downtime by utilizing these products.

As a complement to their standard line of abrasion resistant rubber linings, Blair Rubber Co. has come to the aid of the mining industry by creating a low cost, sacrificial lining for applications where replacement at shorter intervals is required. It also produces durable linings for piping slurries and bitumen mining as well as other sectors.

Types of Rubber Linings That Work Well in Mining Market

  • The EnduraflexTM VE210TN is a tan, soft natural rubber lining that is an affordable alternative for harsh conditions with repetitive replacements. It exhibits good abrasion and impingement properties.
  • The EnduraflexTM VE616BN a black, soft, natural rubber lining with extremely high abrasion, cut and tear resistance.
  • The EnduraflexTM VE628BC black, soft, chlorobutyl lining with excellent abrasion resistance. VE628BC is also suitable for inorganic cyanide service.

Quality Splicing & Repair Materials for Heavyweight Belts

Blair Rubber Co. is the leader in hot vulcanized splicing and repair materials for heavyweight belts. We have set the standard for service and quality throughout the industry. Our splicing materials include: Grade I/II, Nitrile, EPDM, and MSHA-approved Neoprene for underground conveyor belts. Also offered are solvents, cements, primers, Holland Cloth and a selection of RFL coated breaker fabrics.

MSHA-Approved Grade S Splicing Materials

In 2013, the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) approved Blair Rubber Co.’s Grade S splicing materials for use in underground belts. Materials for underground conveyor belts need to be fireproof or contain self-extinguishing properties. Our Grade S product meets the quality assurance requirements MSHA CS-11 of 30CFR14.8. MSHA is a division of the U.S. Department of Labor that promotes safe and healthy workplaces for the nation’s miners.

Benefits of Hot Vulcanized Splicing

Blair Rubber Co. recommends using hot vulcanized splicing and repair methods over cold bonding. This process creates a more uniform molecular bond than typical cold bonding solutions. While it may be more expensive, it produces a longer-lasting and more durable product.

Industries Served

Blair Rubber Co.’s splicing and repair materials for heavyweight belts are used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Underground Mines
  • Cement Plants
  • Quarries
  • Timber
  • Paper Mills
  • Asphalt Plants
  • Rubber for Mining Applications
  • Quarry Mining
  • Mining Applications
  • splicing and repair materials for heavyweight belts

Why choose Blair Rubber for your mining rubber tank linings?

Blair Rubber Co. is the only U.S.-based manufacturer with a complete line of conveyor belt splicer products and corrosion-resistant rubber tank linings. Blair Rubber Co. has an international network of distributors and applicators ready to serve your mining needs in the following countries: USA, Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Venezuela, Israel, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, and Saudi Arabia.

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