Water and Waste Water Treatment Equipment Linings

Superior Quality Linings (FDA Compliant) For Water Treatment & Waste Water Treatment Equipment

Blair Rubber's personnel are experienced in the correct analysis and processing of rubber compounds engineered to protect the highly corrosive and abrasive environments encountered by water and wastewater treatment equipment.

The specialization of water treatment has progressed through the years. Numerous manufacturers have designed and supplied some of the most comprehensive water treatment and fluid processing equipment for various water purification industries.

Just like water treatment specialization, BLAIR RUBBER COMPANY has progressed through the years with elastomeric lining specially designed to handle the resins and chemicals utilized in water and wastewater treatments.

EnduraflexTM Linings | Exhaust or Pressure Cured

EnduraflexTM rubber linings are designed for minimal shrinkage in cure and offer good thermal stability. Installation requires exhaust steam or pressure cure vulcanization resulting in longer lining life.

Contact BLAIR RUBBER's technical staff for assistance in selecting the correct lining for a specific water treatment condition.

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