Abrasion Resistant Rubber Linings – What to Expect

Companies have many options when looking for the ideal abrasion resistant rubber linings for everything from chemical processing and storage tanks to flanged pipes and fittings, and electroplating equipment.

We’ll introduce you to a wide range of products below suitable for withstanding rough, high-impact material, or you can explore all of the primary containment solutions that Blair Rubber offers:

Soft Natural Rubber and SBR Linings

Soft natural rubber tank linings from Blair Rubber offer excellent resistance to abrasion and many chemicals. The abrasion resistant rubber linings include a variety of natural rubber linings for chemical services, including HCL and water treatment (FDA compliant).

These Enduraflex products cure through chemical, exhaust steam or pressure, depending on the product. They are FDA-compliant when Chemcure II is used for curing. The variety of Enduraflex products offer options intended for field lining and repair; abrasion and mining; and general purpose chemicals, as well as extremely high abrasion and cut and tear resistance for the toughest jobs. 

Semi-Hard & Ebonite Tank Linings

Semi-hard rubber tank linings from Blair Rubber provide superior protection from a variety of chemicals. The abrasion resistant rubber linings include natural rubber, natural synthetic rubber blends and natural rubber-graphite reinforced stocks. They are made to resist processes involving wet chlorine, strong acids at high temperatures, plating solutions and water conditioning equipment. All of these have a soft tie gum to provide maximum adhesion to steel surfaces.

These Enduraflex products are semi-hard, natural rubber linings and cure through chemical, exhaust steam or pressure, depending on the product. They are FDA-compliant when Chemcure is used for curing.

Tri-Bond Rubber Linings 

Tri-bond rubber linings from Blair Rubber offer triple-layer construction with soft, semi-hard and soft rubbers. The linings are manufactured especially for steel pickling lines, halogen acid services and numerous other solutions. These abrasion resistant rubber linings offer protection against thermal shock, abrasion and flexing fatigue. The linings are fabricated with Blair Rubber’s superior rubber compounds and exclusive bonding processes.

The tri-bond rubber linings include Enduraflex, Plioweld, Marflex, and Crislip -- all of which offer excellent service-life and performance. 

Chlorobutyl and Bromobutyl linings 

Chlorobutyl and Bromobutyl linings from Blair Rubber offer superior resistance to chemicals and permeation. The linings provide excellent protection from ozone, sunlight and weathering. The abrasion resistant rubber linings can be used for chemicals including sodium hypochlorite, superphosphoric acid and sulfuric acid.

The Chlorobutyl lining is used in FGD scrubbers and mixed applications. It is resistant to temperatures up to 200 degrees for most acids and caustics.

The Bromobutyl lining is resistant to temperatures up to 260 degrees for most acids and caustics. 

The Crislip and Enduraflex linings offer options for general purpose chemicals, bleach, and field lining and repair.

EPDM Rubber Linings  

EPDM rubber linings from Blair Rubber Co. offer fantastic protection from sunlight, the ozone and a variety of weather conditions. EPDM linings also provide resistance from chemical and oxygenated solvents. Linings are heat resistant to 200 degrees. They are typically used for oxidizing service conditions, such as sodium or potassium chlorate.

The Enduraflex EPDM liners are used for field lining and repair, for oxidizing solutions and high temperature situations and for valves and cap strips.

Nitrile Rubber Linings

Nitrile linings from Blair Rubber Co. offer protection from aliphatic hydrocarbons. The linings are used in special equipment where oil resistance is necessary. The linings are resistant to temperatures up to 200 degrees, with some linings heat resistant up to 302 degrees. Some Enduraflex linings are for use with petroleum oils or hydrocarbon oils. Depending on the product, the linings are soft or semi-hard. The application cures through pressure or autoclave, depending on the product. 

Endurabond Rubber Bonding Cement

The durability and lifespan of rubber linings depends largely on whether the lining remains adhered to the metal. Blair Rubber has created an adhesive system with abrasion resistant rubber linings that binds the lining to the metal tank. The Endurabond cement products offer superior adhesion in a variety of settings.

For more information on inspection and repair procedures, check our repair recommendations.

Blair Rubber has been a leader in abrasion resistant linings for nearly 40 years. Please contact us for a no-obligation discussion about our products and how they can safeguard your assets.

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