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Blair Rubber is the industry leader in rubber linings providing durable, reliable rubber linings in Australia & New Zealand for chemical transport, storage and corrosion protection. Our Australia & New Zealand sales office provides sales, support and applicator information to companies utilizing rubber linings across Australia & New Zealand.

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Blair Rubber Company is the manufacturer serving Australia & New Zealand that offers a complete line of corrosion resistant rubber linings. We offer industry proven linings across all applications including bleach, phos acid, HCl, water treatment and purification, fgd, mining, and nuclear power plants.

Selecting the correct lining for a particular application is critical to the life of the lining. This is the area where we excel, technical support and lining recommendations. No other protective lining manufacturer can match Blair Rubber's experienced personnel. Complete the form below regarding your application and a member of our Australia & New Zealand sales office will be in contact with you shortly.

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