Blair Rubber: Tank Lining Company and Core Values

Blair Rubber. Co is consistently growing, both in our physical space and our team. Whether it’s expanding our facility in Ohio for enhanced training and production capabilities or broadening our staff to best serve our customers, we focus on progress.

Everyone at Blair Rubber Co. is an integral member of our team. We have a positive employee-focused work environment because we give people the respect and dignity they deserve. Collaboration and open dialogue allows us to deliver consistently reliable rubber linings faster than anyone in the business.

Working together is the key to our success and how we best serve our customers. We train our management team to approach problems with curiosity, not judgement.It’s better to assume the best outcome instead of predicting the worst before it’s even begun. We look people in the eye and have constructive conversations.

It is simple task to treat everyone kindly. It’s important because engagement is not just recognizing employees for a job well done. A company must decide on its core values and then train employees and encourage them to share their own ideas.

Our six core values:

  • Shared Knowledge: working together to transfer information and insights;
  • Integrity: being honest, respectful, responsible and accountable;
  • Long-term: every decision must consider the present and the future impact on all stakeholders;
  • Performance: challenging ourselves to improve;
  • Humility: creates honest, open and respectful interactions; and
  • Agility: keeping an open mind, considering alternatives, and being prepared to make timely decisions, based on knowledge, experience and sound information.

Each quarter, we focus on one core value and our staff writes stories about how they exemplify the attribute. Awards are then presented to select employees for their value initiatives.

Our team members take ownership of their own ideas and it shows in our superior products and customer support. When people are happy to come to work, collaboration increases.

Working cohesively allows us to serve our customers efficiently. Change is embraced by creating an adaptable environment that will ensure our future. We keep evolving and innovating, together.


Dave Jentzsch, general manager

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