Blair Rubber Co. Expands Sales and Business Development Teams

Blair Rubber Co. Expands Sales and Business Development Teams

SEVILLE, Ohio — Blair Rubber Co. recently hired a new Sales and Field Engineer and added the position of a Business Development Manager to its team. Ian Isenegger and Rod Caldwell filled the roles, respectively.

Isenegger has experience with Blair Rubber products as a rubber lining applicator. He most recently served as Director of Business Development at Chesapeake Mechanical and Rubber Millers for a little more than a year. Isenegger also served as Operations Manager for Duraline/Duratech Systems for more than eight years.

“We needed somebody who could keep our core competency on the application side of the business. Ian’s extensive knowledge made him our ideal candidate,” said Dave Jentzsch, Blair Rubber Co. General Manager.

“He already knew our products inside and out. Ian has a vast knowledge of rubber lining application and is equipped to answer our customers’ questions with ease. He gives them suggestions and solutions that fit their needs.”

Isenegger started working for Blair Rubber in September.

“I spent many years as a customer of Blair Rubber and felt that the company culture and their innovation was very attractive as a potential employee,” he added.

While Isenegger filled a vacated role, Caldwell joined the team as the brand-new Business Development Manager.

“I have been working in the rubber linings market since I was 16. I know this business like the back of my hand,” Jentzsch said.

“Our staff is highly qualified in the rubber lining niche as well, but we needed a push from someone with broader rubber experience. And someone who had a proven success rate of bringing in new business and opportunities.”

Caldwell entered the rubber industry in the mid 1980s when he started working for BFGoodrich as an engineer in the rubber molded division. He has since worked in the compression, transfer, injection and extruded rubber products market for 29 years. He transitioned to the business development realm in 2009.

“Rod is the trifecta for a business development manager. He has a Ph.D. within the rubber market, with a sales-focused mindset and is personable,” Jentzsch added.

Caldwell started with Blair Rubber at the end of October. He is already in the beginning stages for new application development, such as chemical-resistant materials for hazardous pipe joints. Caldwell works closely with research and development to determine Blair Rubber’s capabilities and whether there is a market for potential products.

“Being in the rubber industry, I knew that Blair had a fine reputation as a company to work for,” Caldwell said.

Blair Rubber also recently hired Nicole Eikelberry to a full-time role of planner and purchaser. She began as an intern more than a year ago, managing purchasing for the company.

About Blair Rubber Co.: 
Since 1981, Blair Rubber Co. has been dedicated to manufacturing and improving one product, rubber linings. This focus has enabled the company to develop an unparalleled knowledge base of chemicals, rubber lining formulation for containment of each chemical and a very successful rubber liner installation process. 

All of Blair Rubber’s products are designed and produced in the USA. In fact, Blair Rubber is the only company that manufactures its rubber liners in its own factory, enabling it all the benefits of production control – quality, flexibility and speed.