Rubber Lining Companies: Choosing the Right Manufacturer 

Rubber Lining Companies: Choosing the Right Manufacturer 

Extend the Life of Your Capital Equipment

Making the most of capital equipment such as tanks and storage vessels, preserving and protecting them to achieve maximum lifespan and realize the proper return on the initial investment, is critical at any time. Challenging economic circumstances simply heighten its importance. Tank liners act as critical safety nets and help extend the lifespan of capital equipment. Selection of the proper tank lining begins with the selection of the right business partner.

Global Partner

For 40 years, Blair Rubber Company has supplied vendors and applications with rubber tank linings and advanced synthetic polymers, which offer a significantly better chemical resistance over a broader temperature range. Blair Rubber Co. offers more than sixty recipes for lining mixtures depending on conditions.

Blair Rubber Co. also received ISO 9001:2015 initially in 2009 and keeps the certificate current, to assure customers of their quality commitment. This, combined with their depth of experience is just one of many reasons global industries in need of corrosion resistant linings can find the right supplier by turning to Blair Rubber Co.

Proven Product History

Tank linings can last for 20, 30 or even 40 years depending on the contents. Regularly scheduled inspections and tank repair or replacement obviously depends on the corrosive nature of the contents and Blair Rubber Co. can help guide the proper inspection schedule.

However, it doesn’t just supply tank linings. Over the years, its engineering and research and development staff have invented numerous lining formulations unique to Blair Rubber Co.

Some products such as Enduraflex™ VE210TN is a natural rubber lining created by Blair Rubber Co. as a cost-saving lining suitable for the mining industry. Enduraflex™ VE627BNI is another example of a unique product Blair Rubber Co. developed to withstand the high abrasion and high temperature conditions commonly encountered in the oil and gas industry. At the time of its development, this was the only suitable lining made of a HNBR (hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber) polymer in the market.

With multiple options available depending on environmental circumstances, tank conditions, usage and of course tank content, Blair Rubber can consult with your team to recommend the most appropriate solution for the long-term benefit of your tanks and containment vessels.

Seasoned Lab Expertise

Blair Rubber Co. offers a fully staffed lab where they perform the equivalent of lining forensics. Because in addition to developing new, custom solutions, Blair Rubber Co. can also provide trouble-shooting for failed or failing liners. Perhaps a liner selection didn’t match service conditions or temperatures rose higher than specifications. Blair Rubber Co., can investigate the cause of the issue and recommend solutions. In addition, the lab runs continual quality checks on the various liner formulations the company supplies.

Breadth of Application Solution

The scope of the linings offered by Blair Rubber Co. service multiple applications within a wide variety of industries from oil and gas to chemical, mining, transportation, water treatment and utilities among others—all critical to maintaining the infrastructure and promoting the economy of the U.S. and elsewhere.

Industries include:

  • Chemical – Hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid are two of the more common
  • Mining – Lining protects against wear and tear on piping, chutes and other equipment
  • Steel Mills – Applications range from storage tanks to pickle lines
  • Utilities, Oil & Gas
  • Rail & Transport – Both rail cars and OTR trailers carrying commodities such as sodium hypochlorite (bleach), hydrochloric acid (HCL), phosphoric acid and others
  • Water Treatment – Corrosion resistant rubber tank linings are an imperative for the water treatment industry, to protect water treatment equipment from corrosive chemicals as well as the water itself.

On-time Delivery

Blair Rubber delivers the shortest lead times in its sector, supplying its vendors and applicators with materials quickly to ensure that tanks and vessels are online and not offline waiting for repairs or relining. It is responsive and sensitive to the needs of its customer base.

Vetted/Qualified Applicator Network

Blair Rubber Co. fully vets and offers training to its network of applicators for the proper application and curing of the rubber or advanced polymer linings. Blair Rubber Co. has an international network of distributors and applicators ready to serve your tank lining application or repair in the following countries: USA, Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Venezuela, Israel, Mexico, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia.


Blair Rubber Company has been conducting and hosting seminars for more than a decade to educate customers and end users about tank lining selection, application procedures, curing methods, repair methods and the inspection process. This has contributed to the knowledge base of hundreds of industry professionals.

Whatever your project needs, our team is ready to help. Contact Blair Rubber Company today at 1-800-321-5583 or visit