Rubber curing


It is recommended that the rubber lining be cured as soon as possible after the rubber is applied. All rubber lining curing specifications are determined under lab conditions. Adjustments must be made by an experienced rubber engineer to compensate for all possible variables that can affect the state of cure. Some of these variables are: altitude, weather conditions, vessel insulation, multiple layers of rubber, different lining types in the same vessel or autoclave, green strength (tendency of rubber to flow during cure), ozone and sunlight deterioration, etc. Cure Charts that indicate the temperature of the cure are necessary to ensure the lining is thoroughly cured. Several locations may be necessary to certify that there are not any hot or cold spots. Variation in temperatures from top to bottom or other locations within the cure indicate stratification and may result in damaging the integrity of the cure. Cure charts with diagrams indicating the location of the temperature probes or thermocouples is necessary to make a rubber lining warranty valid.

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