Product Update: Replacement of Normac 900R

Product Update: Replacement of Normac 900R

Due to availability issues, Blair Rubber Co. will immediately begin stocking Normac 900E Ultra, which will permanently replace Normac 900R (N-PrBr).

The bond characteristics of 900E Ultra are as good as, if not better than, 900R but there are two main differences of which you should be aware.

900E Ultra requires 5 hardener vials per gallon where 900R required only 4.

900R was a non-flammable, non-regulated product. 900E Ultra is flammable and subject to transportation regulations. Hazmat details are Class 3, PG II, UN1133. This class is the same as our 201, Tack 3, and 500 cements.

Although the hardener nomenclature will change from RE to E, the two are very similar and fall under the same regulatory class.

We hope to make your transition to 900E Ultra as smooth as possible and look forward to your feedback.

As always, please feel free to forward any questions or comments to [email protected]