Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

When working with suppliers, you want to know their products are top rate and their services go above and beyond. Partnering with a quality team furthers your success.

At Blair Rubber Co., our team works tirelessly to ensure that your rubber linings arrive on time and on spec. That’s why the largest chemical companies in the world specify Blair Rubber – 35 years and counting.

Vertically Integrated

We believe in exceeding industry standards, with superior product quality and project turnaround. Blair Rubber is vertically integrated from raw material through production to finished product.

By controlling the raw materials, mixing our own rubber compounds and monitoring inventory quantities, Blair Rubber is able to deliver consistently reliable rubber linings faster than the competition.


Once our rubber lining is processed, it’s time to conduct quality checks. Certifications of compliance are available upon request as well.
Standard quality assurance tests include:

• Length, width, and thickness measurements of the rubber lining
• Hardness of the cured product
• Visual inspection of sample
• Product order and construction plan verification

Product Selection Experts

Blair Rubber guides you in selecting the optimal lining for your individual service conditions. Typically our discovery process begins with the project bid from an approved applicator partner, along with other known details, such as the preexisting vessel and chemical service. Our job is to then recommend the compound that will provide the best protection from the chemical in question.

Certain environments have obstacles that our technical team tackles. If the environment contains a mixture, there will be an internal discussion to dissect the hazards and components that are most corrosive. From there, we select the best match for the condition.

After determining a particular polymer or lining, Blair Rubber also inspects secondary factors that impact product selection, such as the vessel configuration, operating temperatures and impingement requirements.

Installation Consulting

If errors occur during the rubber lining installation process, or a material defect is identified – Blair Rubber is here to help. You can count on our team of experts to deliver a responsive solution – from on-site support to in-lab lining testing to investigate breakdowns.

Ready for a rubber lining but don’t know where to begin? We’re ready to help you.