Precured Rubber Linings: Benefits, Uses and Applications

Precured Rubber Linings: Benefits, Uses and Applications

Multiple industries require corrosion protection in order to prevent capital equipment losses, production slowdowns, employee injuries or damage to the environment. Blair supplies protective rubber and synthetic linings for a wide range of businesses from chemical to mining, utilities and water treatment plants and tank cars, barges and OTR trailers, to name a few. Within the line of natural rubber coatings, customers can choose between precured or vulcanized rubber, with each offering identical protective capabilities, but a few slight differences in application.

Precured rubber linings can serve as a viable option when a rubber lining needs to be applied but steam isn’t available to cure or vulcanize the lining. This occurs most often in field operations, far removed from a manufacturing plant or job shop where the type of equipment required for vulcanization simply isn’t available.

Precured rubber linings offer all the protective capabilities of their vulcanized counterparts, with a few minor caveats to consider prior to selection of precured versus vulcanized rubber. Precured rubber linings are slightly less flexible than vulcanized rubber linings and would not be the best choice for containers or applications with a great deal of curvature, such as pipe linings.

In addition, precured linings must be bonded by an epoxy adhesive. For this reason, the cold bond adhesive and precured linings would not be recommended for hydrochloric acid containment.

Some of the benefits of precured rubber linings:

  • Saves time – precured rubber linings do not require the curing phase. The curing process can take anywhere from 48 to 72 hours, depending on the thickness
  • Same properties – precured rubber linings provide the same protection against corrosion as vulcanized rubber
  • Availability – precured is available as hard or soft rubber lining in multiple different formulations depending on its end-use or application purposes. And Blair Rubber Company offers the shortest lead times in the industry.

Because such a broad variety of factors is involved in calculating the best compound or solution for corrosion protection, we recommend consulting with our project engineers about your specific application and environment. At Blair Rubber Company, we can offer an unparalleled knowledge of chemicals, applications and successful installation procedures for the toughest, most challenging jobs. Call us today at 800-321-5583 to ask about our precured rubber linings and other corrosion protective products.