Blair Rubber Co. is Again Honored with ARPM’s Manufacturing Day Educational Outreach Award

Blair Rubber Co. is Again Honored with ARPM’s Manufacturing Day Educational Outreach Award

Seville, Ohio – Blair Rubber has been awarded the Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers (ARPM) Manufacturing Day Educational Outreach Award for the second consecutive year.

ARPM’s focus of the award is to honor a rubber products manufacturer making a significant effort to educate and spread awareness about the advantages of working within the manufacturing industry.

“For the second year in a row now we have been recognized for our efforts in increasing the awareness of manufacturing jobs available to high school students as an alternative to college,” said Dave Jentzsch, Blair Rubber general manager. “Blair Rubber Co. has been partnering with schools and community organizations to engage students and families in comprehensive community efforts and initiatives that empower students with the vast opportunities in manufacturing.”

Some of Blair Rubber’s efforts in the last year include a summer internship program in which several students from Cloverleaf high school were selected. These internships allow students to see firsthand what a manufacturing career is like and whether it is something they would like to consider.

Blair Rubber also formed a partnership with Medina County Economic Development Corporation. This alignment will allow Blair Rubber participate in a video to educate elementary through high school students about the company’s industry and the benefits of manufacturing. The video will be shown throughout Medina County schools.

ARPM’s Manufacturing Day Educational Outreach Award

In addition, Blair Rubber has a representative on the Medina County Economic Development Corporation, which created an educational committee to better inform the community about manufacturing.

“Blair Rubber Company understands that not all high school students will go to college. We want to educate students, parents, and teachers that manufacturing is an excellent choice for a career where a formal education is not needed.” said Dr. Tonjua McCullough, controller at Blair Rubber.

The ARPM Manufacturing Day Educational Outreach Award comes with a scholarship that can be given by Blair Rubber to any workforce development initiative. Last year, they donated the scholarship to the Medina County (Ohio) Career Center to help foster a future manufacturing program. This year they awarded the scholarship to Black River Local Schools.

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Blair Rubber Co. is the only full-service manufacturer in North America that has a complete line of corrosion resistant rubber linings. Since its inception, Blair Rubber has consistently invested in research and development to improve existing products and bring new products to market. The company is committed to quality – both in the rubber linings it manufacturers and in customer satisfaction.