EPDM Liners: EnduraflexTM CU535BEP


EnduraflexTM black, soft cured EPDM liner for field lining and repair.

EPDM Liners Specs:

Application: Field Lining, Repair

Durometer: 50 to 60 A

Pressure Cure: N/A

Atmospheric Cure: N/A

Gauges: 1/8″, 1/4″, 3mm, 5mm

Our EnduraflexTM CU535BEP is one of the most durable EPDM liners that you can rely on for all your lining and repair needs. With unmatched reliability and strength, EnduraflexTM is designed to provide professionals with a superior form of lining material. If you need a dependable lining solution for your project, contact Blair Rubber Company today.

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