Conveyor Belt Splice – What You Need to Know

Conveyor Belt Splice – What You Need to Know 

New conveyor belts don’t stretch to fit on the conveyor system like a rubber band, in one, continuous loop. They must be spooled around the conveyor system and then spliced by a qualified journeyman or technician*, and spliced properly, for an exact and lasting fit.

Wherever belts are employed, the right splicing materials can make all the difference. Industrial, heavy-duty belts require the proper partner that can supply the type of rugged material built to withstand a potentially harsh environment and daily punishment the belt must endure, and that partner is Blair Rubber Company.

The types of industries most aligned with the belt splicing capabilities of Blair Rubber include mining, for underground systems as well as rock belts, or the above-ground movement of aggregates; the sand and gravel industry, and foundries. Blair Rubber assures customers that our products or line of materials is MSHA certified.

The Blair Difference

Only Blair Rubber can offer the expertise, consistent quality and quick shipping times for operators that need a heavy-duty conveyor belt splice kit. We have more than 30 years’ worth of experience in the industry and are ISO certified. In addition, outside of reaching out to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Blair Rubber is the only company where firms can find an aftermarket materials supplier for vulcanized belt splicing materials.

OEMs typically have long lead times. We typically will ship within a day or two. Get the right type of vulcanized belt splicing materials within days to speed up belt operations and get production humming.

The 411

Most clients know exactly what they need for the type of belt they’re installing. However, basic information Blair Rubber requires for a belt splicing order would include (but is not limited to):

  • Belt dimensions, including cover gauges
  • Type of belt or category the belt fits into
  • The constituency of the covers (oil resistant, self-extinguishing, heat resistant, etc.)
  • Poly type (i.e. neoprene, nitrile, etc.)

Contact Blair Rubber today to ask about our rugged conveyor belt splice kits for industrial use. Call us at 800-321-5583.

*It cannot be overemphasized that a qualified technician needs to complete the belt splicing operation. An improperly spliced belt might fail, causing serious injury or loss of life to employees and personnel, as well as lost production time or damaged products.