Blair Rubber Creates Cost-Saving Lining for Mining Industry

Blair Rubber Creates Cost-Saving Lining for Mining Industry

SEVILLE, Ohio, July 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Blair Rubber Co., the world’s leading supplier of high performance, corrosion-resistant rubber linings, released EnduraflexTM VE210TN, a natural rubber lining designed for mining.

Blair Rubber understands mining industry demands. Mine operators need to protect their gear and avoid wear and tear on piping, chutes and other equipment. To avoid expensive repairs and downtime, durable rubber linings are imperative for success. But in tough mining environments, linings need to be changed every few months to keep up with demand, which can be costly.

“The mining industry is famous for its harsh conditions,” said Dave Jentzsch of Blair Rubber Co.

“Given the highly aggressive service conditions found in mining, it’s a pricey endeavor having to replace your linings every few months. That’s why we created a cost-effective solution for our mining customers. Applicators need a lower-cost alternative in high turnover applications.”

Enduraflex VE210TN was designed as an economical alternative to other natural rubber linings used in high turnover situations. It has strong abrasion and impingement properties. The tan, soft, natural rubber lining is steam-cured, and can be used for piping and chutes that carry aggregate or slurry content out of mines.

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