Blair Rubber Co.’s general manager to speak at upcoming ARPM conference

Blair Rubber Co.’s General Manager to Speak at Upcoming ARPM Conference

SEVILLE, Ohio (Sept. 30, 2016) — Blair Rubber Co.’s Dave Jentzsch, general manager, is set to speak at the upcoming Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers (ARPM) Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference, Oct. 13-14 in Indianapolis.


Blair Rubber Co.’s employee-focused company culture stood out to the ARPM at a recent plant tour of the Blair Rubber facilities. The association then reached out to Jentzsch, who is an ARPM board member, to speak on the company’s core values and how he integrates them into everyday performance.

“During our plant tour, I spoke about the importance of employee engagement and how it goes far beyond just recognition,” Jentzsch said.
“Everyone at the company needs to buy in and further the success for a strong company culture. Leadership needs to contribute because if not, they can absolutely destroy it.”

Engagement is not just recognizing employees for a job well done. A company must decide on its core values and then train employees and encourage them to share their own ideas.

The Blair Rubber Co. team focuses on six core values: shared knowledge, integrity, long-term, performance, humility and agility.

Each quarter, the company selects one core value and staff members write stories about how they exemplify the attribute.

“Letting your staff take ownership of their own ideas improves productivity,” Jentzsch said.

“When people are happy to come to work, collaboration increases. Giving instruction and feedback is more fruitful when team members genuinely like working together.”

Jentzsch’s presentation will be held on Thursday morning of the conference. Jentzsch will also appear as a panelist at Crain’s [M]Power 2016 Manufacturing Assembly, Oct. 19 in Akron, Ohio.

About Blair Rubber Co.:

Since 1981, Blair Rubber has been dedicated to manufacturing and improving one product, rubber linings. This focus has enabled the company to develop an unparalleled knowledge base of chemicals, rubber lining formulation for containment of each chemical and a very successful rubber liner installation process.

All Blair Rubber’s products are designed and produced in the USA. In fact, Blair Rubber is the only company that manufactures its rubber liners in its own factory, enabling it all the benefits of production control – quality, flexibility and speed.