Blair Rubber Co. Announces Entrance Into South Korean Market With New Partnership With Saekaphen Korea Co. Ltd.

Blair Rubber Co. Announces Entrance Into South Korean Market With New Partnership With Saekaphen Korea Co. Ltd.

Pre-cured products and uncured tank linings from Blair Rubber Co. will be used in South Korea, including the phosphate-fertilizer mining industry. SEVILLE, Ohio – Blair Rubber Co. is pleased to announce the continuing advancement of international rubber lining product availability through a new business partnership with South Korean corrosion protection manufacturer SAEKAPHEN Korea CO. Limited.

A third-generation, family-owned company operating out of Gladbeck, Germany since 1954, SAEKAPHEN® has distributors and authorized applicators throughout Asia, Europe, the USA and the Middle East that manufacture and apply substrate coatings and surface treatments for carbon steel, stainless steel, copper alloys, concrete and more.

The company approached Blair Rubber for its primary containment rubber linings, which it requires for storing and transporting its many coating products.

“SAEKAPHEN was interested in getting away from one of our competitors because every order had to go through a distributor,” Blair Rubber’s Export Sales Manager Tom Bogart says. “I explained that we could sell to them directly and cut out the middleman, which we’ve found to be a better relationship. It was definitely fortuitous that SAEKAPHEN reached out because we’ve been in that region, but we’ve only invested time and money in China. So now we have an exclusive agreement with SAEKAPHEN. For any business we do in South Korea, we go through them. We’re really establishing solid business over there.”

With international distribution in countries as diverse as Australia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Mexico and more, Blair Rubber recognized the opportunity and met with SAEKAPHEN.

“It’s turning out to be a great opportunity for us,” Dave Jentzsch, general manager at Blair Rubber, says. “Because they don’t have a strong rubber lining market in the country, they have to rely on outside sources. So they’re buying our pre-cured products and our uncured tank linings for their needs and we’ve had several sales orders already from SAEKAPHEN – largely for the phosphate-fertilizer mining industry. We’re also shipping a lot of rubber product to areas like Egypt and even the Ukraine. Our goal is to find the niche markets where service and quality are the most important factors and we’re going after those targets.”

Blair Rubber’s business with SAEKAPHEN Korea CO LTD. commenced as of January, 2017, with several orders already placed.

About Blair Rubber Co.

Blair Rubber Co. is the only full-service manufacturer in North America that offers a complete line of corrosion-resistant rubber linings for primary containment needs. Since its inception, Blair Rubber has consistently invested in research and development to improve existing rubber products and bring new products to market. The company is committed to quality in the manufacturing of rubber linings, customer satisfaction and workforce innovation.