Abrasion Resistant Liner

Abrasion Resistant Liner Facts

On the subject of abrasion with respect to rubber linings, the following statements must be considered.
1- There are two types of abrasion one may encounter, impingement and sliding.
2- Impingement abrasion occurs when particles strike the surface of the rubber (or any other surface).
3- Sliding abrasion occurs when another surface slides across the rubber.
4- In virtually every case the abrasion can be expected to be a combination of impingement and sliding.
5- Predominantly impingement abrasion occurs in chutes, sandblast hose and anywhere rebound is observed.
6- In the impingement process, particles hit the surface and any stresses produced are distributed evenly if the rubber yields easily, especially when the particles strike at a 90° angle to the surface.

A surface’s abrasion resistance depends on its tear strength and durability. Blair has the capabilities to customize an abrasion resistant liner depending on a customer’s specific requirements. Contact us today for more information or call 800-321-5583 to get started.