Yellow Walkway

MARSEAL® PVC-based matting with an aggressive, slip-resistant tread design. Easy to install on any Marseal® membrane. Can withstand heavy duty foot and equipment traffic. Resistant to mild acids, caustics, and hydrocarbon-based derivatives.


Available sizes: 30” wide by 40’ long (100 sq. feet per roll.)

Thickness: 3/16” (5mm)

Color: Yellow

Applicator Notes:

1. Surface should be clean and smooth. Vacuum or brush off all dirt, loose objects, etc.
2. Yellow Walkway, when used over a floor lined with M-4000 Corrosion Resistant Lining
can be spot-hot air welded directly to membrane surface to hold walkway in place.
3. When used over M-8000 or exposed or coated concrete, the use of Structural Sealant
is recommended. Apply 1/4” beads of Structural Sealant on 6-inch centers to a clean
surface with a caulking gun.
4. Place Yellow Walkway into wet Structural Sealant and roll to insure a tight bond.

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