Joint Tape

Marseal® joint capping system for protection against the ingress of corrosive/reactive liquids into the ground through expansion and control joints. The system can withstand splash and spills of a broad range of chemicals including acids, caustics, oxidizing agents and aromatic and chlorinated solvents. The system is tenaciously bonded to the substrate with Marseal® Structural Sealant.


Available sizes: 50-mil membrane supplied in 50’ rolls

Cure Time: Initial – 24 hours. Final – 7 days

Applicator Notes:

  1. Abrade area each side of joint 6” to produce a clean 16 grit profile.
  2. Remove all old sealant material protruding from joint.
  3. Tape or strike line 6” on each side of joint.
  4. Apply Marseal® Structural Sealant to prepared substrate with a small, notched
    trowel. Install MJ-7000 Joint Tape immediately following the application of
    Marseal® Structural Sealant.
  5. Roll Tape into wet Marseal® Structural Sealant with extended-handle roller.

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