Sealing Strip

Marseal® sealing strip manufactured using M-2000 sheet lining. It is used for sealing all end laps, repairing holes or punctures and for wall corner reinforcement with M-3500 or M-4000 membrane systems.


Available sizes: 6” wide x 50’ long rolls

Thickness: 60-mils

Color: Black

Applicator Notes:

1. Use to seal all floor level end laps as the final integral seal to ensure complete lap
thermal welding.
2. Use to add corner reinforcement on all wall corners where greatest movement
vulnerability exists.
3. Use as a repair material where rips, tears, or punctures may occur.
4. Hot-air welded in place or use Marseal® Structural Sealant to bond it to the
substrate. Apply Marseal® Structural Sealant with a notched trowel at 60-mils in