MARSEAL® Structural Sealant

MARSEAL® Structural Sealant is a Modified Polyether that cures to a durable bond with exposure to atmospheric moisture. It bonds aggressively to MARSEAL® membranes and concrete substrates, and is tough, elastic and waterproof. MARSEAL® Structural Sealant contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (no VOC’S).


Cure Time: Initial – 24 hours, Final – 7 days

Shelf Life: one year, closed container

Recommended Use

Designed to seal termination points and overlap for Marseal® installations. It is designed for application with extruded beads on 6” centers from 10.3-ounce cartridges that provide about 40 lineal feet of ¼” bead, or from 2-gallon pails that provide 54 square feet at 60 mil coverage, applied by notched trowel. It is also used to bond Marseal® membranes to concrete substrates in immersion service (primary containment) in water- and waste-water treatment plants.